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Thank You

thank you gift ideas

With so many opportunities to send a thank-you floral arrangement, it's a shame that we frequently save it only for grand occasions. Especially when it's so often the little things that make such a big difference in our lives – the small acts of kindness and no-big-deal favors that are anything but that.  – and that's why we’ve designed this Thank You Gift Guide, it makes choosing and sending thank-you flowers easy. You can feel confident that your gift will reflect your gratitude with grace and style.

Thank your neighbor

Whether watering your flowers when you're out of town, or always having that spare cup of sugar when you're elbow deep in flour, they make living where you do a neighborhood. And like your please and thank you routine, the charm of an arrangement is long lasting.

Thank a colleague

You heared that someone talked you up or passed your name along, let them know how much you appreciate it with a thank-you floral gift.

Thank your friends

Give that short list of who's who in your life a more than justified dose of bright and beautiful gratitude with a surprise floral gift. Send them Sunny Smiles bouquet, and let them know how much their love and friendship mean to you. With yellow lilies and roses symbolizing friendship, this gift will deliver your appreciation with style and grace.

Thank a great teacher

Sure, an apple for the teacher is great. But we'd like to think that something a bit more indulgent is in order for these hard-working role models. Let them know that their tireless effort and generous spirit don't go unnoticed. Perfect for their desk at school or a special spot at home, a floral arrangement in a wicker basket is perfect.